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 Monday-Friday 6:30 am - 10:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday 7:30 am - 10:00 pm


1129 W. Elizabeth Street

Fort Collins, CO 80521

In Campus West, across Shields from Moby gym

East of Road 34, near Jim’s Wings



the friendliest coffee shop

Momo Lolo is a bright, welcoming community space where friendly baristas efficiently prepare great coffee and snacks. Whether you are grabbing a quick cup to go, meeting up with friends, or settling in to work or study, we want you to feel comfortable while you are here and leave happier than when you came in. We have been locally owned and family-run since 2010.

a commitment to local suppliers

Jackie’s Java - Fort Collins

Happy Lucky’s Teahouse - Fort Collins

Puffin Pastries - Fort Collins

Turtle Mountain Kombucha - Fort Collins

Go West Shirts - Fort Collins

Morning Fresh Dairy - Bellvue

Loveland Local (honey + baking supplies) - Loveland

Barista Pro Shop - Loveland

Sticker Giant - Longmont

Noosa Yogurt - Boulder

El Dorado (cold drinks) - Louisville

Sunrise Beverage (cold drinks) - Denver

Solis Distribution (Outrageous breads) - Boulder

our history

Momo Lolo was started in 2010 by Colin Gerety, who wanted to create a social gathering place where he could have interesting conversations. It was also something of a testing ground for his theories about the world, a way that he could give life to his beliefs about how things should be run. He spent the better part of nine years here. During much of that time he sat at the counter or at a table nearby, working on software projects (some paid, some for fun) and bestowing his wisdom upon baristas and customers alike.

This shop wouldn’t exist in any form at all without Colin and his vision. However, if you ask him about his vision for Momo Lolo, he responds with a long and seemingly random story, ending with some statement indicating that he is completely opposed to titles, business plans, and vision statements.

In 2018, Colin decided to retire. His daughter September and her sons Dante and Sebastian are creating the next generation of Momo Lolo. While building on the strong values and customer base established by Colin, they have updated and refreshed the shop, committed to efficiently serving really good coffee, in a clean, welcoming environment, and have brought a sense of intention and refinement to Momo Lolo.